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    Your kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. Your kitchen is one of the two most important rooms in a house to keep updated; the bathroom is the second. With the help of Somers Kitchen and Bath Remodel in New York a quality kitchen renovation will help you increase the real estate value of your home. An updated kitchen remodeling is as beautiful as it is functional and can improve chances of a quick sale - saving time and money. Unless you're a professional remodeling contractor or experienced handyman with exceptional DIY kitchen renovation skill and finesse, our kitchen remodeler should be considered when undertaking your new kitchen remodel. Our kitchen designers at Somers Kitchen Bath remodel will help you especially if your kitchen remodeling project is on a budget.

    As any homeowner, you're concerned about your budget when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. We here at Somers Kitchen bath Remodel understand and will work with your budget. With the costs associated with a total kitchen renovation the primary concern of homeowners like you is how will you protect that investment? A bad new kitchen remodeling floor plan along with a less than professional quality kitchen construction is a sure fire way to fall short on the best results. Then top that with less than professional quality workmanship, you will get less enhanced real estate value of the home.

    The best advice we at Somers Kitchen Bath Remodel can give to homeowners, is not to forgo the expertise of a kitchen renovation professional. We guarantee kitchen remodeling success. We are the right kitchen contractor to be hired. Call us at 914-452-0047 for your free design consultation by our expert kitchen designers. For other kitchen ideas visit mabletonkitchenremodeler.com or rhbathroomremodelbrighton.com

  • Somers Kitchen Remodel Ideas

    8 Ideas to Keep You From Hating Your Kitchen Remodel

    New Kitchen Budget Matters

    What is the cost for a new kitchen remodel? Be prepared to spend between 10% and 15% of your home's existing value if you plan to completely renovate your kitchen. That figure is a budget that makes sure the quality of your upgrades stays in line with the value of your home, not an arbitrary percentage. The danger of spending too little is real, but so is the danger of spending too much. Make careful to leave room for unexpected. Who knows what wiring or plumbing disasters are concealed behind those antique cupboards in the walls? Call 1-888-445-1203 for a free in home estimate.

    New Kitchen Remodel 

    Size Matters

    Are the chefs in your home average height or shorter? Without turning your new kitchen into a highly specialized space, careful shopping and thoughtful design can greatly simplify their life. Manufacturers, for instance, advise positioning a hood 30 inches above the cooktop, or directly in front of a six-foot-tall cook. Fortunately, there is an easy fix: Most hoods function perfectly if installed a little higher. The lesson is that no matter how beautiful something appears on paper, you must take into consideration the way of life and physical attributes of the individuals who will really use the kitchen. Call 1-866-256-0538 for a free in-home estimate.

    New Kitchen Lighting Matters

    Don't undervalue the advantages of living in a space with neither shadows nor glare in the room that gets the most use in your home. Layer multiple forms of light—ambient, task, accent, and mood—using a variety of fixtures.


    While pendants and chandeliers are adaptable options for islands and dining spaces, recessed ceiling fixtures offer superb overall lighting. Under-cabinet task lights are common for kitchen workspaces, but you might want to choose fixtures with diffusers or frosted glass to lessen the reflection of highly polished surfaces, such worktops.


    Your lighting controls are also very significant: Install separate switches for each light source in a convenient location, ideally close to the doorway. For varying the intensity of illumination depending on the situation or time of day, dimmers are fantastic.

    Call 1-866-256-0538 for a free in home estimate.

    New Kitchen Remodel Fantasies Matters

    Perhaps you always follow the latest fashions, or perhaps you adore vivid hues. Keep in mind that materials and colors may appear overpowering or lackluster in greater doses even if they look great in a sample-size swatch. Avoid the urge to go overboard with busy tiling designs or purple appliances. Instead, incorporate your favorite design components as accents, not focal points. If not, you run the danger of offending potential customers who don't happen to share your eccentric sense of style. Call

    1-866-256-0538 for a free in-home estimate.

    New Kitchen Remodel

    Choices Based on Reality Matters

    A large bay window is desirable to everyone. Whether it would function in your particular kitchen is the real question. Although a bay window with a view of a lake might look nice in a catalog, if you live near a busy road, you might regret giving in to your inclination. Similarly, while large professional equipment are gorgeous, they are simply impractical in a compact, homey kitchen. In other words, don't deceive yourself! Call 1-866-256-0538 for a free in-home estimate.

    New Kitchen Remodel

    Landing Zones Matters

    Around each of your appliances, leave a good amount of free countertop space. You know how it feels to take a hot, heavy pan off the fire only to discover there is nowhere to put it down quickly? Consider your daily routine while designing your kitchen, and make any necessary modifications based on how you use items like the dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave. Call

    1-866-256-0538 for a free in home estimate.

    New Kitchen Remodel

    Island Matters

    A new kitchen island is practically a need today. But be selective: An island that is too big or in the wrong place obstructs movement of people and goods. Give the island ample room on all sides so that you can open cabinet doors with ease. Additionally, keep in mind that the island cannot serve as a catch-all due to its limiting size and typical tiny population. Your island's space would be significantly reduced if you added a sink or stove, taking up space that could be used for things like casual eating. Call

    1-866-256-0538 for a free in-home estimate.

    New Kitchen Remodel

    Backsplash Matters



    The miracles of a backsplash in your new kitchen, oh my. It simultaneously creates a focal point and connects many parts. (Moreover, it makes cleanup a lot simpler.) Many people lament the overwhelming, seemingly limitless choices, but if you persevere, you'll be richly rewarded. The greatest advise is to choose your backsplash early in the remodeling process. The backsplash is often added just before the project is finished. Call

    1-866-256-0538 for a free in-home estimate.