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  • Best Quartz Countertops Maintenance


    Somers Kitchen Quartz Countertops Tips

    The best investment a homeowner can make is installing quartz worktops in their kitchen or bathroom. Buying quartz countertops provides a lot of benefits, including being beautiful and reasonably priced. Quartz countertops require adequate maintenance in order to keep up its durability and attractiveness. Given that some counters are quite tough to maintain, the majority of homeowners are constantly concerned about countertop care tasks. Quartz countertops are an exception to this. 2019 (BC Stone)

    Maintenance tasks for quartz countertops are relatively simple. Cleaning the countertops and other methods to prevent the countertops from getting filthy more quickly are part of taking care of your quartz countertops. Today, we'll go into great detail about how to maintain your quartz countertops properly. If you adhere to our maintenance advice, you will adore the results. Call 1-866-256-0538 for a free quote

    How frequently should quartz countertops be cleaned?

    Countertops are frequently utilized, particularly in the kitchen, probably when cooking. That suggests that they are likely to become soiled after each use. The countertops in bathrooms are not an exception. The majority of homeowners utilize their bathroom worktops as their vanity. They are more likely to receive ink or even mascara stains as a result.

    Cleaning quartz countertops is therefore necessary. Depending on how often you use them, cleaning your quartz countertops will be beneficial. In contrast to a homeowner who uses their countertops little, the former frequently cleans them. Most of our countertops are found in our kitchen and bathroom. These are the two most often used components of a house. It appears that you will be cleaning your quartz countertops more frequently as a result. Call 1-866-256-0538 for a free estimate.

    How to prevent damaging quartz countertops 


    One aspect in appropriate maintenance is preventing damage to quartz countertops. Quartz countertops that have been damaged won't retain their original beauty and toughness. Therefore, you must avoid harming your countertops if you want to ensure their longevity. It only takes a few simple steps to prevent damage to quartz countertops. 2022 Granite Selection


    Defend against high temperatures
    When subjected to extreme temperatures, quartz countertops do not perform well. Consequently, stay away from using hot pots, electric skillets, and pans on quartz surfaces. Quartz countertops suffer damage and lose quality when exposed to high temperatures over an extended period of time. Use a trivet or a mat if you need to put anything hot on the countertop. The mat will shield the quartz countertop from direct exposure to the hot surface.

    removing messes

    Countertops made of quartz are stain-resistant. They do, however, only temporarily behave as stain-resistant materials. They become susceptible to discoloration with time. During the cooking of meals, there are several spills. To avoid stains, it would be great if you cleaned up spills right away. To clean up spills, use a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. That will lessen the difficulty of the deep cleaning as well as prevent harm.


    Avoid using strong cleaning agents.
    You are using cleaning supplies from the store if you don't use natural cleaners. Sadly, some of those cleaning agents are acidic, which is bad for quartz countertops. If you discover that you have been using very acidic cleaning supplies, quickly wipe the counter with water and mild soap.

    Make sure the cleaning supplies are safe for your skin and appropriate for quartz surfaces.


    Make use of a cutting board.
    Cooking components shouldn't be chopped straight from the quartz countertop. Use a cutting board to perform the task of chopping instead. Cutting on quartz counters is not advised, despite its strength and cut resistance. Although your knife might not be able to penetrate the quartz countertop, frequent use of the quartz countertop might cause it to become dull over time.


    Avoid using scouring pads.
    The fact that quartz counters resist scratches is a beneficial thing. They are not, however, scratch-proof. In that scenario, avoid wiping quartz countertops with scouring pads.


    Avoid the sun's direct rays.
    Keep quartz counters out of direct sunlight if you have them installed in an outdoor setting. To stop fading, install a shade over the counter.

    General quartz countertop cleaning routine 


    Another method of maintaining your quartz counter is cleaning. When cleaning, you'll need paper towels, cleaning supplies, disinfectant, a non-abrasive soft sponge, and a plastic scraper. To effectively clean your quartz countertop, follow the directions below.

    Wiping ought to be the first action in cleaning a quartz counter. Use a soft cloth or sponge for this stage. Put the cloth in warm, soapy water first. Use it to carefully but forcefully wipe through the quartz countertop after that. Every time you use the countertop, you should wipe it down.

    Use gentle soap or detergent that won't be too harsh on the quartz surface when wiping.


    Removing obstinate dirt
    After cleaning the quartz surface clean, you could detect some stuck-on dirt and crud. To avoid the muck accumulating, it would be preferable if you removed it. The more the muck accumulates, the more difficult it will be to get rid of. The earlier, the better, so to speak. The scraping job needs to be done softly. Use the plastic scraper to carefully remove the muck. Even if it's not cleaning time, it's always a good idea to scrape off any sticky dirt as soon as you detect it.


    Removing grease
    When using water and soap, grease can be challenging to remove. You may occasionally need a degreaser. Make sure a degreaser is suitable for quartz surfaces before purchasing it. To keep the quartz counter from yellowing, a decent degreaser shouldn't contain bleach. Use a safe degreaser to remove grease and oils from the entire surface. Rinse the surface after wiping away the grease. By skipping the rinsing stage, residues are left on the surface, which may attract dust and diminish the finish.


    Disinfection should be done as the last stage. For this stage, use a disinfectant or cleaning wipes.

    ProTip: Make sure the cleaning supplies you choose for quartz countertops are appropriate for quartz surfaces. You can verify this with your provider or do some research on items that work well with quartz.


    Cleaning quartz countertops of stains
    When spills are allowed to sit for a while, quartz surfaces may become stained. Because of this, it's crucial to remove spills as soon as possible to avoid discoloration. Grease, gum, mascara, ink, and gumdrops can all leave stains on quartz countertops. You need adhesive remover if the stains are really stubborn.

    On the stained areas of the quartz countertop, apply the adhesive remover.
    Give the remover around 5 to 10 minutes to sit.
    After the minute is up, wipe the stain away.
    Isopropyl alcohol can also be used to remove stains from a quartz countertop. Rub the satin with a rag after dipping it in alcohol. Then, after using the adhesive remover, wipe with warm water. If you don't have the two stain removal products mentioned above, you can use the deep cleaning method. To use this method, you must have glass cleaner on hand. Your choice of glass cleaner must be suitable for use on quartz countertops. On the stained region of the quartz countertop, apply some of the glass cleaners. In this instance, you must let the liquid soak for a few minutes before attempting to remove the stains. After that, clean the surface with a soft cloth.


    On quartz surfaces, not all glass cleaners are safe to use. As a result, if you don't have any other stain cleaning products, this should be your final resort. To be on the safe side, you should inquire with your supplier about the safety of using the glass cleaner on quartz.


    If you follow your standard quartz countertop cleaning procedure, stains shouldn't be a problem. The key to quick stain removal is to instantly wipe up spills, grease, and oils.


    Proper maintenance of quartz countertops is the only way to ensure that you enjoy that look of their beauty. Taking care of such countertops is easy. Your quartz countertops, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, will never be dull. Again, they will last longer than they are intended to. Reach us at 1-866-256-0538 to get free information and assistance on maintaining quartz countertops and all other types of countertops in general.