• Somers Kitchen Bath Remodel Showers



    Whether you want your shower to be purely functional or if you want it to be a crucial chance to unwind each day, there's nothing like a new luxury: a walk-in shower and what it has to offer. Our expert designers will give you those added touches that don't go unnoticed either. How about installing a rain shower head, built-in seating, and thoughtfully chosen materials that can make the biggest differences between a quick rinse and a relaxing "Ahhh, I don’t want to get out of here" experience. When considering renovating your bathroom to accommodate a walk-in shower is a big undertaking. With our expert designers we want to be sure you get all the amenities you desire. We have showers that we know you will enjoy. There are showers from simple to extravagant. Some that may inspire you to take the plunge when you design your next bathroom upgrade.

    There are many designs to choose from, one is the all-white everything types of showers. This shower will leave you feeling clean, whether you just got in or been in there for an hour. How about a bathroom shower with a view? When you remodel your bathroom, a great idea is to incorporate windows in the bathroom. Imagine a walk-in shower with a view. This is a luxury that very few have but you can. A great idea from our expert designers is stone tiles that will give your walk-in shower a serene and natural atmosphere. Even add pebbled tile on the floor that will offer a tactile even massaging sensation, which will make the best relaxing experience. These are just a few options that our expert designers at Somers Kitchen and bath remodel have available. For our complete list please contact us at 914-452-0047.