• Somers Kitchen Bath Remodel bathroom cabinets

    Whether you have a big space for your bathroom or a small one, don't forget about your cabinets in your new bathroom. For most people this is least considered part of your bathroom remodel. But consider everything that you store in your bathroom, you need space to put it all in. If you don't consider your bathroom cabinets now, you will be left with your things on the floor with no place to put them. One idea from our expert designers at Somers Kitchen bath remodel is to have slide out drawers. Rather than having a massive hole called a cabinet under your sink to stuff all your belongings consider adding drawers to your new bathroom. Functionality is great along with being able to organize all your belongings. How about adding a bigger medicine cabinet. You don't have to have the boring small medicine cabinet that your grandma has, but one that has many shelves and slots to put your things. Consider adding over the toilet cabinets that you can put your towels and wash cloths. Double-wide vanities and tall base cabinets are another option for bathrooms with a little more room. Linen cabinets are another great idea that have various shelves, drawers, and hampers available. Whatever your desires are for the best functional bathroom you want call our expert designers and contractors for your cabinet or vanity needs. At Somers Kitchen Bath Remodel we are the best place for all your bathroom cabinet needs. Call us for a free quote at 914-452-0047.